Nola Who?

Don't ever say we didn't try to put you on.

So here is the story. In the spring of 2007, Brooklyn’s iconic fly girl (the one who just had 'to have IT') got reincarnated in a Queens NY & East LA duo of feminine noise makers. The rest is music history in the making.
And if you didn't know, now you do…so no excuses!

The extra darling & fabulously-Fresh Chicas who are "Nola Darling" release a brand new mixtape-ish, non-concept-concept sound bomb. Straight to Stereo.

Nola Darling is proud to introduce the world’s first ever “Mini-Mixtape,” a new format in which to release music.

Too many original songs to be classified an EP… Not enough sampled tracks to be labeled a mixtape…. Too random to be considered a concept album…Not miscellaneous enough to be categorized a compilation… too soon to be the greatest hits…too late to be a single… too dope to be dubbed anything but a “Mini-Mixtape.”

P.S. Make sure to check these flygirls3000 for free why you still can...BACKYARD COUTURE Baby!

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