Backyard Couture. The Photos.

July 19,2008. The 2nd installment of Backyard Couture was Grrrrrrrrrreat-Tony the Tiger Style-! The joint was literally packed from sidewalk to yard and by the end of the night over 400 folks had rolled through. Check for the next and final Backyard Couture of the season on August 16.

Well enough chatter -here are the photos as promised. If you've got some shots you wanna share, send em' our way and we'll upload them too!

This Installment of Backyard Couture Was Brought To You By:

The Lovely Ladies... Harriet's Alter Ego
The Dynamic Duo... The Agytators
The Queen Bee... Good Peoples
The Tasty Crew... A Squared S Squared Catering
The Sound Boys... The Ahficionados & G.U.T.S.
The "It" Girls... Around The Way Girls
Our Drink of Choice... Steaz -especially when we aren't downing rum punch or dirty lemonade courtesy of Kitty Hawk.

P.S. The Gallery Show BK ALL Day only runs for the next 2 weeks. Come sign the wall and check the photos (or buy$$) while you can.


Radha said...

looks like fun, wish i could have made it...oh wait i was there...too bad u wouldnt know it from the pix...but you know how that goes...

Kitty Hawk in 'Extra Swank' said...

I know... seems like a bunch of photos are missing! we need a house photog.

any takers?