TGIF H.A.E Style!

Hey Folks,

So we've been brainstorming on ways to spice up the blog. We could blog all day about our shop, chat it up about what we're doing next, give up the goods on our latest adventures or post photographs from our latest thing-ah-ma-jig... but how much fun would that be?

Okay... we'll be honest, it's lots of fun! And it's mostly what you should continue to expect from our blog, but we thought it would be fun -and only fair- to our loyal friends to spread the love.

Harriet's Alter Ego is very happy to announce, the biggest event to ever hit the blogging world -ok, not really, but we just love to push the envelope.

"Harriet's Girl/Guy Friday"

Photo courtesy of Anthony Artis

Do you have great style and want the whole wide world to know it?

Send us a link to a photo of yourself in your favorite-preferably- Harriet's duds and complete our interview HERE.

Every Friday we'll pick a brand new fly dame or gent to post on the blog.

Thats it, thats all, it's that simple!

good luck!


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Gangstarr Girl said...

Aw. What a cool idea this is. You ladies are dope. =0)