Apollonia Circa 2008...

I must admit I hate artistic comparisons, but sometimes they help to drive a point home. Now I know youngens reading our blog is like who or what in the hell is Apollonia. So let me give a quick pop culture lesson for those who don't have a clue. Apollonia was Prince's female counterpart in Purple Rain... and she also fronted Prince's girl band Apollonia 6. At that time mad dudes wanted to date Apollonia and just as many girls wanted to be like her. She was sexy, without being slutty and just plain dope. Lesson over...

So back to the here and now... Harriet's was in the building this past Friday at 'When Boy Meets Girl' V3.0 at Sputnik in Brooklyn, so we got to bear witness to RAYE 6, who killed it. She reminded me of Apollonia in the way that she commanded the audience, taunting the fellas with her sexuality but at the same time earning her respect. Raye's band was also on point (quick shout out to Malik and T-Bone formerly of GAME Rebellion). She had great stage presence, her outfit was ridiculous (loved the dress and shoes) and she gets an A+ for crowd participation... she even gave out roses to all the ladies in the audience.

Catch her this Saturday, August 16th at Backyard Couture @ Harriet's.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth Allen | EMA Photography

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